ShemaleStrokers – Casey Kisses


ShemaleStrokers - Casey Kisses

February 10
Casey Kisses
Sexy Trans Girl Does It Just Right To Keep You Up All Night!

Stunning sexpot Casey Kisses has been staying up all night, patiently waiting for you to crawl into bed with her. So when you get under the covers with her, she immediately starts rubbing her sensitive nipples with her pretty manicured fingers. Then, she pulls down her woven panties, and you watch her gorgeous cock grow in her soft hands. She tells you her sweet stick has been waiting for you to cum home and suck it. It missed your mouth so much all day! Won’t you give it a kiss? So while you begin making out with the head, she licks her finger tips and rubs the spit into her asshole. Her adorable toes start to wiggle while you play together. Next, she flips onto her stomach so you can kiss her lady stick from behind. She also spreads her ass cheeks wide apart so that you can get your tongue nice and deep in that hole. She tells you to get it good and wet before you fuck her. Then, you slide your throbbing member into her, and she pushes back into you, moaning, “Deeper, baby, deeper!” She wants you to stretch out her tight, little trans girl pussy. As you pound her from behind, her tender lady wood rubs against the mattress. Now seated on the edge of the bed, Casey sucks on your massive meat until you shoot a load of cum all over her beautiful face. Then, you watch her finish herself off with a Hitachi magic wand massager. She runs the vibrating head along her stiff rod and cum filled balls, until she is on the very edge of orgasm. Squeezing the base with one hand, she furiously pumps away at the shaft until she squeezes out a sticky mess of lady juice.

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