Feminized – Mistress Lexi Sindel, Natalie Mars (The Runaway)


Feminized - Mistress Lexi Sindel, Natalie Mars (The Runaway)
The Runaway -Full Movie

Natalie escapes a small town in the midwest for a life in the big city. She answers an ad in the back of the paper for a “live in maid” position. She enters Mistress Lexi Sindel’s fetish underworld. Lexi transforms her into the perfect fetish rubber maid. Lexi outfits her in latex stocking and uniform with ballet boots and arm sleeves. Mistress Lexi starts training her new rubber maid to walk in the impossible ballet boots, she adds a steel anal hook to complicate the situation further.

Mistress Lexi hogties Natalie and watches her struggle in bondage, with a ball gag making her drool and chastity restraining her cock. Mistress Lexi puts on her strap on and tries out her new pets ass. Natalie’s legs are suspended from the ceiling, she feels helpless as Lexi violates her ass with the large member. This is just the beginning of Natalie’s rubber maid training.. stay tuned for her journey.

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